Wayne Richard Jones a.ka. WAIN JONZE began studying music as a child and learned clarinet, violin, and alto sax and played each in various school ensembles over his academic years. He later studied bass, piano and guitar privately at college and with some talented instructors including Kevin Eubanks of the Tonight Show band. He eventually earned a music degree from U. Mass Boston and Masters in Education from Lesley College.


He has worked with many local schools, bands and church choirs over the past 30 years and has recorded, traveled and/or performed with the Walter Beasley Band, Freda Battle, Yolanda Adams, Clarence Powell, Backstreet Boys/Krystal Harris, Andre Ward, Eric Roberson, Jaguar Wright, Kindred the Family Soul to name a few.


Wayne sees performing as quite an experience and is grateful that he he is able to do so. "The one thing I have learned in my musical travels (which range from dates around the U.S. to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe) is that it is not about me, but the

relationship between those on stage and relationship between those on stage and in the audience. Without that magical connection there is no point to music. It's a blessing to have the opportunity and an obligation to try to bless with it".


Wayne has recently embarked on a solo recording career as a departure from a long history as a sideman. A few of his "known associates'' have urged him to do so and have been ''very vocal and highly instrumental'' in helping him to get the ball rolling! Soon to be released is his first instrumental CD entitled ''The Associate/Chapter One", with a few surprise ''co-conspirators'' to be named in due time. He has completed it and is currently working on a second project that is slated to include quite a few vocalists from amongst his current cohorts. Highly thankful for his journey musical and otherwise, Wayne never forgets that we are, and all is "Nothing Without God"! Bless!


1995  Christmas Like Never Before   Allen & Allen   Guitar

1996  Masters Peace   John Amato   Acoustic Guitar

2002  Serious Praise   Freda Battle   Guitar

2003  Go with the Flow   Walter Beasley   Guitar

2004  Made It After All   Clarence Powell   Guitar

2005  Let's Have A Good Old Time (ft. Kirk Whalum)  Elan Trotman  Guitar

2006  City Life: Underground New York City Soul Music (Native New Yorkers Soul Mix)   Shadowkings   Guitar


2007  Ready for Love   Walter Beasley   Guitar

2009  It's About Time   Athene Wilson   Guitar

2009  Magic Of The Night   Curtis Henderson   Guitar

2010  Sax Meditations I   Walter Beasley   Acoustic Guitar

2010  Keep On Pushing   Leon Beal   Guitar

2010  Live: In The Groove   Walter Beasley   Guitar

2010  Soul Of A Woman   Ashanti Munir   Acoustic & Electric Guitar


2011  Gift Of Song   Darlene Wynn   Bass & Guitar

2011  Rock Your World   Pfeva   Guitar

2012  Be Still   Joy Hill   Acoustic & Electric Guitar

2012  Indie Soul United   Various Artists   Guitar

2013  Live: In The Club   Walter Beasley   Guitar

2013  Vision   Mt. Calvary Baptist   Acoustic & Electric Guitar

2014  Sax Meditations II   Walter Beasley   Guitar

2014  Indie Soul United 2   Various Artists   Guitar

2014  The Heartbeat   Lil John Roberts   Acoustic Guitar


This is the equipment and technology
I use to get my trademark tones and will have videos of me demonstrating how I use it. Links to the company websites will be provided (I need to contact them about endorsement deals too)...



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